Fire Equipment


The newest addition to our fleet, this 2007 Spartan/Crimson Fire Truck was delivered in the fall of 2007. This is one of the very first custom designed fire apparatus the department has purchased. The “Engine” carries 750 gallons of water, has 1500 gallon per minute pump as well as an on board Class A Foam system. The cab is designed to carry up to 6 personnel. The body is made of Stainless Steel for a long service life. The truck carries a set of Halmatro Extrication equipment, a full line of Medical Equipment, 1300 feet of supply hose and many, many other pieces of Fire Fighting and Medical Equipment.


Engine 3-1 is a 1994 HME/Quality Fire Apparatus. The vehicle is considered an “Engine”. It includes a 1500 Gallon Per Minute Pump, and it carries 750 gallons of water on board. The Engine has specialty equipment on board including all of our Vehicle Extrication equipment, a Thermal Imaging Camera and Hazardous Materials equipment. The truck also carries ladders, hose, a generator and medical equipment. Engine 3-1 is our front line, first response apparatus on all structure fires.


Tanker 3-1 is a 1985 Ford/Four Guys Fire Apparatus. It was refurbished in 2004 and by doing so, we expect to receive an additional 10-15 years of service from the truck. The truck was designed to carry additional water to fire scenes. It has a 1000 Gallon Per Minute Pump and 2,500 gallons of water on board. It also carries the basic compliment of fire equipment including ladders and some hose. The truck now also carries a 3,000 gallon portable fold up water tank that allows us to off load all of the Tankers water at the fire scene while we go for additional water. The 2,500 gallons of water can be off loaded in about one minute.


Brush 3-1 is a 1995 Ford F-350 vehicle. Its primary use is for brush fires. It also is the second truck out for additional staffing for medical calls. The truck carries 250 gallons of water and a small pump for brush fires. We also carry portable brush fire extinguishers on board. The truck was partially refurbished in 2007. The original body was aging and showing a lot of signs of wear. We replaced the rear body with a more functional better quality body. Now the truck can be used more efficiently and as actual Medical First Responder vehicle.


Brush 3-2 is a 1985 Chevy 5/4 Pick up truck on loan from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The vehicle carries 150 gallons of water and is 4 x 4 and is primarily used for Brush fire operations.


Rescue 3-1 is a 2000 Ford/American Fire Rescue vehicle. It was designed primarily as a Rescue unit to respond to medical calls. The truck also carries several air packs that are used for structure fires. The apparatus carries our Water and Ice Rescue equipment along with a full compliment of medical equipment. The truck has our second Thermal imaging camera on board. This vehicle is our first truck out for all medical incidents.

Chief 3 Vehicle

This 2004 Dodge Durango was a recent addition to our fleet. This vehicle is used by the Chief as a Command unit and can be used by him to respond anytime he responds to emergency calls. The unit is in the process of being out fitted with all of the Chiefs Command equipment. It also carries some basic medical equipment.

AIR 3-1

Air 3-1 is a mobile Air Cascade system used to supply and refill Self Contained Breathing Apparatus bottles that the Firefighters use at fires. The trailer also carries Hazardous Materials supplies that are used when the Department responds to HazMat incidents. It can be towed to the scene with Brush 3-1 any time it is needed.