August 5, 2019

2019 Utilities Operations Water Meter Inspection

Augusta Charter Township is performing a system wide inspection of the water meters.

What you can expect: Utilities Management Services (UMS) employee, Augusta Twp utility service contractor, will need to enter the basement and inspect the meter. They will be taking pictures of the water meter. They will require access to the area where the water meter is located. Expected duration no more than 10 minutes assuming they can freely access the meter and take pictures. If you have a domestic and irrigation meter UMS employee will need to take pictures of both meters.

Procedure: A notice will be sent to your home via US postal service, it will request that homeowner contact John Linville with UMS to schedule an inspection. Homeowners are given 48 hours to schedule an appointment. Appointments need to be scheduled within a 7-day window. Appointments are between Monday thru Friday 9-5. There is no cost to the resident for this meter inspection. Failure to schedule an appointment may lead to a service shut off. Issuance of shut off notice $60, turning water back on $60, charges are added directly to the water bill. The goal of the water meter inspection is to verify the make and model of the water meter and make sure that it has been properly installed.

Augusta Charter Township,
Attn: Heather Rowland,
(734) 461-6117 Office
Monday thru Friday 9-4

Schedule Inspection
Utilities Management Services
Attn: John Linville
(734) 260-9135, Cell

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