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Basic Requirements & Restrictions

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Local Ordinance

A Township Ordinance does permit open burning within the boundaries of the township and regulates open burning on public and private lands.

Burn barrels may be used, provided they are constructed of metal, have holes in the sides no greater than inch opening and a cover capable to function as a spark arrestor.

Open burning is permitted, provided that it meets the requirements below.

Anyone desiring to burn shall call the fire department (734-461-9500) and leave their name, location of burning, duration of the burn, phone number and what exactly is being burned on the answering machine.

The burning of rubbish, refuse, and garbage is prohibited. Only yard waste, brush, and trees are allowed.

No burning with winds 10 MPH or greater.

No burning within 5-feet of a property line.

No burning within 50-feet of a structure.

No burning of piles that are 5-sq. ft. at the base.

No burning of building materials, chemicals, trash, or asbestos containing materials.

Burning is permitted between 7 am to 8 pm only.

Fires shall remain in attendance at all times.

Methods for extinguishment shall be immediately available during the burning, to include, but not limited to, garden hose, buckets of water, fire extinguisher, brooms, rakes, or shovels.

All fires subject to immediate extinguishment should a nuisance develop such as odors or smoke.

State Open Burning Rules

The state of Michigan also has open burning rules that relate to the solid waste and air quality regulations.

The following are a summary of open burning restrictions mandated by the Michigan Departments of Environmental quality and Natural Resources:

Trees and Brush

The open burning of trees, logs, brush, and stumps is allowed if it meets the following criteria (unless prohibited by local law):

1. The burning is conducted further than 1,400 feet from the boundary of an incorporated city or village.

2. The burning is not in a listed priority area. Priority areas are located in parts of Bay, Calhoun, Delta, Genesee, Lapeer, Macomb, Manistee, Midland, Monroe, Muskegon, Saginaw, St. Clair, and Wayne counties. A detailed list of priority areas can be found at (Click on "Air" then "Open Burning Information").

3. The burning does not violate any other air pollution rules (such as burning that causes a smoke or odor nuisance).

Commercial / Industrial Waste

Open burning is not an acceptable disposal method for waste generated at commercial and industrial facilities. Neither solid waste nor air quality regulations allow the open burning of commercial and industrial wastes to another location (such as household) to be burned is also prohibited.

Construction and Demolition Waste

Construction and demolition (C & D) waste is waste building material, packaging, and rubble that results from construction, remodeling, repair, and demolition operations on houses, commercial or industrial buildings, and other structures. C & D sources include households, commercial establishments, and industrial facilities.

The open burning of any C & D waste is prohibited, even if the burning is to be conducted on the person's own property.

A person may not take C & D waste to another location (such as a household) to be burned. C & D waste should be reused, recycled, or disposed of in a landfill that accepts C & D waste (see the "Open Burning Alternatives" section of the guide).


Structures (such as houses, barns, and sheds) may not be burned for the purpose of demolition.

Air quality regulations allow structures to be intentionally burned for the purpose of fire department training ONLY. However, there are specific guidelines developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that fire departments must follow when conducting a training exercise. A guidance document for the fire department conducting fire suppression training can be found on the DEQ's Open Burning website (click on "Air" then "Open Burning Information").

Fire departments must notify the DEQ's Asbestos Coordinator 10 working days prior to any practice burn. Information about the DEQ's asbestos requirements can be found on the Open Burning website (see address above) or by calling (800) 662-9278.


The burning of tires, regardless of quantity or where they're located, is prohibited.


Violations of the Township Burn Ordinance, State Law, or common fire safety practices will be initially handled through the Fire Department. Upon their findings, enforcement may be obtained from the Fire Department or by local law enforcement where a ticket will be issued.

Under the authority of Section 29.7a, (1), (2), & (3) of 1941 PA 207, Michigan Fire Prevention Code, as amended, the fire department may take whatever action necessary to mitigate a condition, practice or hazard to ensure the public safety.

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