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Public Notices

This area of the Township Website is our "Virtual Bulletin Board" we will post all legally required items here, and any items of significant importance.



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Notice of Amendment to Purchase of Development Rights Ordinance  
Amendment to Purchase of Development Rights Ordinance  
New Noise Ordinance  
New Zoning Ordinances  
Ordinance enabling enforcement via Municipal Civil Infractions  
Repeal Private Road General Ordinance (now included in new Zoning Ordinance)  
New Smoke Alarm Laws  
Introduce rezoning from AR to SR-1 known as Autumn Ridge  
Introduce rezoning from ER to AR; John Kaas RZ-06-03  
Lincoln Pines Special Assessment District-Street Lights  
Augusta Charter Township Personnel Policy Manual  
False Alarm Fines Ordinance  
Village Mixed Uses Amendments 
Proposed Zoning Map Change to Village of Willis 
Rezone Lincoln Farms from PUD to AR 
Zoning Board of Appeals Notice - Oct 18, 2010 
Public Hearing: Bellemeade Street Lighting SAD 
Summary: Bellemeade Street Lighting SAD 
Bellemeade Street Lighting Special Assessment by Parcel 
Notice of Modifications to Sewer Use Ordinance 
Proposed Sewer Use Ordinance 
Adopted Sewer Use Ordinance 
Notice of Ordinance affirming creation of the Planning Commission 
Proposed Ordinance affirming the creation of the Planning Commission 
Introduction of Rezoning SR1C to AR - Autumn Ridge 
Amended Water Ordinance Rates 9-1-2011 
Resolution to Amend Utility Rates 7-26-2011 
Resolution to Amend Utility Rates 8-23-2011 
Flood Plain Ordinance Legal Notice 4-2-2012 
Flood Plain Ordinance 4-2-2012 
Section 5.19 Keeping of Animals 11-13-2012 
Section 6.24 Wireless Communication Facilities 11-13-2012 
Fire Millage Resolution May 2014 

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